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There's long been a tension in San Francisco. This year with all the IPO frenzy more tech millennials are becoming millionaires, and yet for many San Francisco becomes a place they can no longer afford.

Our colleagues at various tech companies were smart, ambitious, caring - we volunteered, we donated. But many, like us, were surprised to learn we were actually donating less to charity than the average American who gives 3%. For an engineer making $100K per year, that's $250 per month.

The promise is simple: by signing you're stating your intention to give 3% back over time.

There's no upfront money and when and how you donate is up to you. We're the founders of a donation platform, so we hope to be a resource for you to use when you donate. But there's no obligation to use ALMA. Our goal is for people like you know you can make a real impact.

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Cofounder of ALMA, formerly Airbnb and LivingSocial


Cofounder of ALMA, formerly Airbnb and Crashpadder

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About the promise

How it works

What is the 3% Promise?

This is our generation's giving pledge. We believe diverting a small percentage of our wealth to philanthropy will significantly enhance the greater good.

Who can make the Promise?

Anyone! We were inspired to create the 3% Promise to mobilize the overnight millionaires during the upcoming wave of tech IPOs, but anyone can participate. There's no requirements or minimums.

Where does my money go?

This is up to you. By signing the promise you don't have to transfer any money or stock now; how and when you choose to donate is up to you. We at ALMA can provide plenty of advice and ideas for where you can have the most impact.

Who’s behind the Promise?

The 3% Promise is a product of ALMA, a modern donation platform empowering a new generation of philanthropists. ALMA is proud to be a Public Benefit Corporation with a social impact mission.

Questions? Email us at

Our Story

Why We Created The 3% Promise

As a new cohort of tech companies go public, thousands of young workers in San Francisco will become overnight millionaires. We’re inspired by Warren Buffet’s Giving Pledge, which is exclusively for billionaires who want to give back. What about the rest of us? We’re not billionaires, but we’re ready to create change now!

We believe anyone can be a philanthropist. By pledging to donate a small percentage of your wealth — whatever is meaningful to you — you're joining the likes of tech philanthropists like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who intentionally support key causes.

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